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Project Profile: Delivering a High Quality Solution for Grain Storage

At FS Construction Services, we get the chance to work on all kinds of projects. We believe that no job is unimportant, no matter the size. But we’ve got to say, sometimes it’s just really fun to be able to go all in and provide a client with the whole works. This was the case earlier this year when we got to build an entire grain system, complete with drying, handling, and storage equipment.

Complete Grain Drying, Handling and Storage Equipment Solution

Nathan Koester and his team of Grain Systems professionals had the opportunity to make one farmer very happy when they built a 30’ diameter Sukup 6-ring grain bin, a 16’ long grain dryer, and 6” and 8” double runs. The grain bin, which has an eave height of 22’ and a capacity of 14,700 bushels, also features stairs wrapping around the bin and a catwalk for convenient and safe passage to the drying system. Speaking of which, the T16 continuous-flow dryer can dry an impressive number of bushels per hour, and comes equipped with the QuadraTouch Pro control system, which is easy to use and negates the need for constant monitoring. Finally, we installed an 8” double run which can fill the dryer at 4,000bph and a 6” double run which can unload the dryer at 2,000bph.

While a project like this has a lot of big, moving pieces, proper planning and working closely with the customer made it a success. Our ability to provide the necessary concrete and electrical work expedited the process, and our client was able to begin drying wheat immediately after we finished construction.

Whether you’re in need of an entirely new grain or seed system, schedule routine maintenance or you find yourself just needing some upgrades here and there, please feel free to let Gateway FS Construction Services know. You can give us a call at 866-551-3454, and let our specialists help you find exactly what you are looking for. We look forward to providing you the best customer service experience.