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5 Tips for Keeping Stored Grain in Top Shape

When it comes to keeping grain healthy and profitable, there are few things that can be as catastrophic and frustrating as improperly dried and stored grain. And while it may sound as simple as placing the grain in a bin, shutting the door, and leaving it alone for a while, proper grain storage is actually far more complicated. In fact, while poor grain quality, rot, and pests can create storage problems, it’s the mundane reality of uncontrolled temperatures that’s most likely to put grain out of condition.

With this in mind, we’ve decided to put together a series on grain drying and storage. To start with, we’ll go over some basic tips to keep in mind when drying grain. If, after reading this article, you’d like more information on any of these tips, take a look at our Grain Drying Manual.

  1. Grain aeration is key. Grain spoilage, brought on by heat and moisture, is a fast, snowballing type of process. Keeping grain well aerated helps prevent moisture and heat pockets from building inside a pile. Grain is never dried to 0% moisture content, but it’s crucial to keep moisture evenly distributed throughout the grain.
  2. Temperature is also key. During the cool months, grain at the top and along the sides of the bin will cool faster, while the grain in the center will stay warmer. As cool air presses down along the sides of the bin, warm air from the center will rise to the top of the bin. This air circulation will create condensation that can result in too much moisture. To prevent this, keep the grain temperature as even as possible, and close to the outside temperature.
  3. Keep grain well distributed and level. Broken kernels and fines will tend to congregate together, and because they’re broken, they’re most likely to mold first. Redistribution and spreading of grain will keep these mold pockets from starting and will help protect the rest of the grain.
  4. Keep grain above freezing. Frozen kernels not only plug systems and restrict airflow, but thawing frozen grain will result in condensation and unwanted moisture.
  5. Preventative insect control is far cheaper, better, and safer than rescue treatment methods after insects have already arrived. Clean equipment and evenly distributed grain go a long way towards preventing the spread of insects. Conversely, foreign material, mold, and high moisture are prime breeding conditions for insects. Grain can be treated if insects do become a problem, but the solution is almost always fumigation.

The importance of grain drying can’t be overstated and there is a lot to take into consideration, and we will get more in depth as we continue this series. As always, if you are in need of grain drying, grain storage, or grain handling equipment, please let Gateway FS Construction Services know. Give us a call at 866-551-3454, and let our specialists help you find exactly what you are looking for. We look forward to providing you the best customer service experience.

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LPX U-Treat Lite Nominated for New Product of the Year

One of the most exciting parts of our jobs here at FS Construction Services is that we always get to be at the forefront of technology and innovation. The wonderful partners that we work with consistently push the industry forward and find better ways to improve user experience. Recently, this has been most obvious with our partners at USC. Their LPX U-Treat Lite has been selected as a finalist for the 2019 AgPro Reader’s Choice New Product of the Year Awards. These awards, which AgPro has hosted for the last 13 years, are about recognizing, “innovation that impacts ag retail,” and this is undoubtedly true when it comes to the LPX with U-Treat.

Seed treaters have been getting smarter and smarter over the last 10 years, but with an increase in automation and data, there has also been a sharp increase in the learning curve when it comes to figuring out how to work with and properly understand what this new software is saying.

USC has decided to tackle this problem head on with the U-Treat, and rather than relying on overcomplicated software and a cumbersome user interface, they have developed a first-of-its-kind graphical user interface (GUI) for their LPX system.

Rather than relying on incomprehensible data streams and endless, text-based information, USC has created a user-friendly, seamless seed treatment experience. The intuitive new system is easier to learn, easier to understand, and more accurate than ever before. The U-Treat is able to automate up to four volumetric metering pump stands, can be monitored from any mobile device, and supports up to 500 customer, seed, and chemistry profiles, it also features automated start, run, and end sequences, with repeatable, consistent results. The new Start Wizard simplifies and organizes data into quickly accessible formats, reducing set-up time and allowing you to treat seed faster and better than ever.

If you are interested in learning more about the LPX U-Treat or have any other seed treatment questions, please let Gateway FS Construction Services know. Give us a call at 866-551-3454, and let our specialists help you find exactly what you are looking for. We look forward to providing you the best customer service experience.

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Get a Jump on the New Year! Preseason Discounts Available

At FS Construction Services, we know that the memory of harvest may still be fresh in the minds of many of our friends and clients. And while we wish everyone a restful, relaxing beginning to the new year, we also know that now is the best time to begin planning for the oncoming planting season. The same can be said for pretty much any building or maintenance project that you’re looking to tackle this year. We know that it can be tempting to put projects and problems on hold, especially during these cold days and long nights, but we wanted to give you something to think about while you hibernate. From grain systems to buildings to seed systems, there are a number of preseason discounts available and certainly worth consideration.

As you take stock of your equipment, buildings, and systems, if you’ve had updates or upgrades planned for the year, now is a great time to move, as many of our partners are still offering discounts and deals. Additionally, our calendar can get filled up pretty fast, and while spring may seem like a long way off, there is no doubt that it will be here before we know it. If you are interested in getting us on your schedule, or if you would like to talk to an expert about any of our services or need help thinking through a possible project, please don’t hesitate to reach out. And of course, be sure to ask us about any current or upcoming preseason deals so we can get you the equipment you want at a price that works for you.

For grain and seed systems to buildings, roofing, garage doors, and more, our goal is to provide our customers and clients with the best possible products at the best prices with the best service. If you have any questions, please let Gateway FS Construction Services know. Give us a call at 866-551-3454, and let our specialists help you find exactly what you are looking for. We look forward to providing you the best customer service experience.