FS Construction Services metal siding cleaning tips

Tips for Cleaning Your Metal Siding

It’s the time of year where you’re likely to find yourself outside watering plants and noticing the growing spiderwebs around your windows and doors. And while you may be tempted to knock them down quickly and carry on, it’s worth asking yourself when the last time you cleaned your siding was.


Low Maintenance Metal Siding Cleaning Tips


If you have metal siding, a little care here and there can go a long way towards extending the lifetime of that siding. The frequency at which you want to perform an inspection depends on where you live and the kind of beating your siding and roof takes on a regular basis. But generally you will want to first check for any obvious issues like chipped paint, rust, or other damages.

Check for any branches touching your siding or your roof and if you can, cut them back so they don’t scrape against the house. You will also want to clear off any leaves or other debris that might either damage the panels or clog your gutters.

Speaking of gutters, make sure to do an occasional check for clogs. Not only do you want to make sure your gutters are taking water away from your house, but standing water can cause corrosion after a long enough time.

Metal siding isn’t prone to mold or fungus, but you may want to give them a good washing every now and again. Rather than power washing, spray them down with a garden hose. If there are any spots that need extra cleaning, use a little dish soap or car washing soap to scrub at the problem area.

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