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Jarret Herzog Profile and Preventative Maintenance Series #1 of 3

We work hard to ensure that the name FS Construction Services means something to those who hear it. Our ultimate goal is to make our name synonymous with hard work, quality, and great customer service. However, what truly makes FS Construction Services special are the individual employees who make up our team. Our collective expertise, experience, and skill is made strong by the wonderful employees who do this work day in and day out.


Preventative Maintenance Specialist


So we thought we would take some time to highlight our employees, explore what makes them such a great addition to our team, and give you an idea of how they might be able to help you. First up is our longtime Service Manager Jarret Herzog. Jarret is going to help us cover the topic of preventative maintenance this month.

During the almost 20 years Jarret has been Service Manager at FS Construction Services he has gained a reputation for being a quiet, modest, and knowledgeable man. Those who have the pleasure of working with him quickly learn that he is trustworthy and straightforward. Jarret’s experience really began when he was a child, growing up on a farm and learning how to work on agricultural equipment firsthand. He spent three years in the Navy on the USS O’Bannon then returned home and got an Ag degree from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale.

Since he stepped into his Service Manager role with us Jarret has been the go-to for service needs for our grain systems customers as well as our employees who serve them. “When I have maintenance issues or questions, I know I can trust Jarrett. He is always helpful, friendly and knows my operation.” stated long-time customer Wes Kuergeleis.

Some of Jarret’s top preventative maintenance tips are:

  1. Rodent control. Check wire insulation for rodent damage. Mice can eat wires right up to the motor housing. To control mice, consider mouse bait or even getting cats on the farm.
  2. If drying system heaters won’t light or burn, check to make sure no safety breakers have been tripped.
  3. Check sweeps for wear and also check center verticals and chain couplers.
  4. Inspect fans, heaters, safety circuits, bearings, and transfer augers.
  5. Schedule a professional preventative maintenance service call well in advance of harvest.

Many customers have their own “checklist” that they run down prior to harvest however, your best bet to ensure your grain storage and handling equipment is in peek working order is to have a professional come and perform a thorough inspection. Pre-harvest is always the best time to schedule these.

Next month, we will continue our preventative maintenance series and cover information about the brands that we work with.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask Jarret or any of our other experts, please let Gateway FS Construction Services know. Give us a call at 866-551-3454, and let our specialists help you find exactly what you are looking for. We look forward to providing you the best customer service experience.