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Project Profile: The Little Details Make a Building Unique

At FS Construction Services, we have constructed our fair share of buildings over the years. From every shape and size to a whole host of different functions and purposes, we have had the opportunity to see just how much variety you can get in a wood or steel building. In many cases though, what really sets a structure apart are all the extra details. Whether it’s huge, sliding doors, an insulated living space, or stalls for horses, the variety of additions here and there are what really make a building, the building.

Metal Building for Storage and Maintenance

Recently, we had the chance to build a new structure with enough extra features to set it apart from the other buildings like it. This 42’ x 80’ x 16’ drive-through facility was built on a concrete slab to be used for storage and maintenance. We lined the building with R42 ceiling insulation and R19 wall insulation to increase the building’s thermal efficiency and help keep it warmer during the cold months. Along one side of the building we installed 10 7’ x 2’ fixed glass windows to provide the interior with plenty of natural light. On each side of the building is a 14’ x 14’ Raynor garage door featuring windows and exhaust ports.

The structure uses 5” x 6” standard columns and laminated columns that have been staggered for strength. Along the exterior, we have installed sectional gutters with 4” x 3” down spouts to drive water away from the building and slab.

While this particular project may not have had anything completely out of the ordinary, it featured just enough of the little kinds of extras and details to make it the exact building our client wanted. If you are looking for your own custom steel or wood building, please let Gateway FS Construction Services know. Give us a call at 866-551-3454, and let our specialists help you find exactly what you are looking for. We look forward to providing you the best customer service experience.

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Knowing Your Garage Door Parts Can Keep You Safe

Here at FS Construction Services we always like to say that a garage door is one of those things you don’t notice until it stops working the way it should, and then it becomes something you can’t ignore. Because of this, it can also be easy to forget that garage doors are very heavy and can actually be dangerous if they are not maintained properly.

Garage Door Safety Tips

Our partners over at Raynor Garage Doors have put together a useful list of things to keep in mind with your garage door and its specific parts.

  • Section Joints are the joints between garage door sections. Think of this part of the garage door like the gap between the door and the wall when you open any standard door. It may fit your fingers when it’s open, but it certainly won’t when it’s closed. When manually opening a garage door, be sure to keep your fingers away from these section joints.
  • Corner Brackets are the brackets that are attached to the bottom corners of your garage door. The cables responsible for raising and lowering the garage door are attached to these brackets. Because of this, these brackets are under tension, and should only be removed by a professional.
  • Extension and Torsion Springs balance the garage door and provide lifting power. These springs should only be serviced by a trained technician.
  • Photoelectric Eyes and Sensing Edges are the sensors that send an invisible beam across the space of your garage door. If this beam is obstructed, by a car, a foot, etc., the garage door will stop closing. Making sure these sensors are functioning properly is necessary when it comes to keeping your stuff and you and your family safe.
  • Lift Handles and Pull Ropes allow you to manually open your door in the event of a power outage or a malfunctioning door. Make sure any ropes can’t accidentally hook onto anything when opening normally. Additionally, when opening or closing a garage door manually, be sure to keep fingers, toes, and other body parts clear of the door.

If you are in need of a new garage door or in need of garage door services, please let Gateway FS Construction Services know. Give us a call at 866-551-3454, and let our specialists help you find exactly what you are looking for. We look forward to providing you the best customer service experience.

FS Construction Services building horse barn

A Building With All the Bells, Whistles, and Saddles

Over the years here at FS Construction Services we have talked often about the many uses and benefits of wood and steel buildings. Much of the time these buildings are used for storage, vehicles, and agricultural equipment. Recently, however, we had the chance to construct a building for another means of transportation: horses.

Wood and Steel Storage Buildings

This 54’ x 88’ x 16.5’ multipurpose structure was actually built to fulfill a variety of purposes, including: suburban storage, machine storage, general purpose, and horse stable. This building is constructed with strong, patented 5’ x 6’ laminated columns, creating a very durable structure. Additionally, we installed R19-rated wall insulation and R42 blown insulation in the ceiling to provide year-round comfort for both animals and people.

One of the most exciting features of this project is the actual horse stalls themselves. We built four individual stalls, but installed a custom, moveable stall/wall divider that can merge two of the stalls together, creating a huge third stall area. Over the stalls we constructed a loft to provide further storage space.

This project also included four overhead doors, two are 18’ x 14’, one is 18’ x 12’, and one that is 12’ x 12’. These are Raynor Aspen AP200 series doors featuring window panels and nylon rollers for extended life and performance.

While we worked hard to make the interior as comfortable as possible, our client wanted to make sure they had an attractive exterior too. This building features: 4’ high natural rock wainscoting, (2) 3’x 3’ cupolas with windows, a cedar truss covered door entry, 48’ x 10’ Dutch finish back porch, double Dutch doors for exterior stable entry, upper windows with fixed insulated and lined eve lights, and three walk-in doors with keyless entry.

While this was a pretty feature-rich project, we construct all kinds of buildings for all kinds of purposes, from simple storage sheds to comfortable office spaces. If you are in need of a new building, please let Gateway FS Construction Services know. Give us a call at 866-551-3454, and let our specialists help you find exactly what you are looking for. We look forward to providing you the best customer service experience.


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New Offices and Storage Building for FS Construction

Red Bud, IL Construction Company Building

Over the years at FS Construction Services in Red Bud, IL, we have built many, many buildings. Whether for farmers, business owners, or homeowners, we have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients. Earlier this year, we did something far less common, and built a building for ourselves. This project was an exciting way to fulfill a couple of outstanding needs we had been looking to address by providing us both with some additional office space as well as a fertilizer storage building.

The building, constructed on a foundation wall, features ample storage space attached to a comfortable office space. Both sections of the building are lined and insulated. In the attached offices, they also built restrooms, a lunchroom, a display area, and a customer service area that’s connected to a 70’ long outdoor scale capable of weighing up to 100,000 pounds with an accuracy of 20 pounds.

On the storage side, there are two 16’ x 16’ Raynor overhead garage doors for drive-through pickup of palleted bulk seed and fertilizer. The walls are made with laminated studs and mounted to concrete steel plates that hold a 50-year warranty, meaning this building was designed to stand for a long time to come.

While we have loved every chance to work with so many clients around the community, it was fun to take our own advice for a time and design our own custom, efficient building that we will get to enjoy for many more years. Our steel and wood building options are a great way to get the space you need for residential, commercial, or agricultural use.

If you have any questions or would like to see what we can do for you, please let Gateway FS Construction Services know. Give us a call at 866-551-3454, and let our specialists help you find exactly what you are looking for. We look forward to providing you the best customer service experience.

FS Construction Services garage door repair

Make Sure Your Garage Door Doesn’t Let You Down

A garage door is a wonderful thing. Whether it’s an easy way into your house, a way to get your farm equipment into someplace dry and safe, or a way to allow your business to receive the supplies or goods it needs, your garage door is a necessary feature that’s all too easy to forget about when it’s working properly.

At FS Construction Services, we know how big of a deal a broken or faulty garage door can be. At best, it’s disruptive, at worst, it can be downright disastrous. On the other hand, a strong, well-functioning door can give a building a whole new look, it can provide insulation and protection, and it can allow you to easily get where you need to go.

We have been in the business of installing new garage doors for a long time, but we are also in the business of door repair and opener and operator maintenance. If you’re having garage door problems, whether it’s a residential or a commercial door, we can help you figure out what the problem is and find the right fix.

We have partnered with the folks over at Raynor Garage Doors to provide the best possible doors at the best possible prices. These doors operate smoothly and are insulated to provide thermal efficiency to keep garages warm and dry. Additionally, they come in a variety of colors and sizes to make sure your building or home looks as fresh as possible.

If you are in need of a new garage door, garage door maintenance, or simply looking to have your door tuned up, be sure to let Gateway FS Construction Services know. If you have any questions, you can always give us a call at 866-551-3454, and let our specialists help you find exactly what you are looking for. We look forward to providing you the best customer service experience.



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Partner Profile: Raynor Garage Doors

It can seem like we say this a lot sometimes, but it always holds true, at FS Construction Services we are privileged to work with some of the best people in the business. Not only do we have the greatest customers and clients around, we have some incredible partners that we’ve had the pleasure of working with for many years.

One of those partners, Raynor Garage Doors, has over 60 years of residential and commercial garage door expertise. Throughout this time, Raynor has dedicated themselves to product innovation, quality, and exceptional customer service. Their broad product catalog includes: steel residential doors, carriage house style doors, windloaded (hurricane) systems, residential openers, and commercial sectional, rolling, fire, and traffic doors.

A garage door is often one of those things that you don’t think about much until it suddenly stops working, and then it can very quickly become a huge problem. Working with our partners at Raynor, you’re far less likely to experience that same feeling of dread. Raynor manufactures their doors with galvanized steel components, thermally-efficient insulation, soundproofing, and the Raynor Finger Protection System. On top of that, their wide variety of styles means you can enjoy the look and the functionality of your door for a long time to come.

If you have been considering a new garage door, whether it’s for residential or commercial purposes, it may be time to consider a Raynor garage door. From reliability to efficiency to safety to design, they have it all. We have worked with Raynor as a trusted partner for many years and have considerable experience installing their products. If you are in need of a garage door upgrade or you need a door for your new construction, please let Gateway FS Construction Services know. Give us a call at 866-551-3454, and let our specialists help you find exactly what you are looking for. We look forward to providing you the best customer service experience.

FS Construction Services post frame building

Project Profile: A Quick Build for a Long-Lasting Building

At FS Construction Services we know that a lot can happen in a week. Months, even years, can go into thinking about, saving for, and planning a new construction project and it really is amazing how after all that time, it can all come together in just a handful of days. When it comes to constructing post-frame buildings, it’s quite possible that the paperwork required to finalize building permits can take longer than the actual construction of the brand-new building itself (we may be exaggerating a little bit there, but, if you do need help with building permits, please let us know).

Versatile Post-Frame Building in Southern Illinois

One of the ­reasons so many of our clients choose post-frame buildings is not only because they can be constructed quickly, but because they are extremely versatile and customizable structures. This proved helpful this past April when our client was looking for a new storage structure. Mixing wood columns with 28-gauge steel, the 30’ x 40’ x 10’ Walters building went up quickly and efficiently. In addition to the structure itself, we also installed three 10’ x 8’ Raynor Showcase garage doors. These overhead doors are steel backed and insulated for maximum thermal efficiency.

With a large, clear span and wide, tall doors, our client will be able to use this new building for a huge variety of purposes and functions. Additionally, the structural integrity and weatherproofing of the building will provide twelve months of use – rain, snow, or shine.

If you are interested in a new building project, or have an old building that could use renovation, contact the professionals at Gateway FS Construction Services now. You can depend on us to provide the best products and services at the best possible price. For more information on your next wood buildingpole barn or even steel building, contact us at 866-551-3454. We look forward to providing you with the best customer service experience.

Metal Building renovation

Breathing New Life Into an Old FS Building: Part 1

While there is always something fun about building a brand-new structure from the ground up, there is something equally satisfying about taking an old structure and making it feel new again. Sometimes this is in the preservation of something historic, and other times, it’s simply a matter of efficiency and cost. This is the first of two articles covering the extensive updates done to an old FS structure this past February as it transformed from something that looked the part of having weathered the test of time and seasons to something that looks like it could have been built yesterday.

New Garage Doors and Metal Roof Make a Big Impact

The biggest and perhaps most obvious fix came in the form of the large, 24 x 16’ polymer doors that took up most of the front of the building. To be expected, these had yellowed and worn over the years, so our team replaced them with a new, double-sliding, metal door system. These new doors, matched to the original color of the structure, now provide a sharp, new focal point to the building. In addition to these doors, we also replaced another old, double sliding door with a 12 x 10’ Raynor Showcase steel-backed, insulated door and a Raynor Pilot ½ hp chain drive operator.

The second major fix came in the form of a new 22 x 22’ roof over the office area of the structure. This GR3 Fabral white, metal roof will last up to 60 years and provides a clean, new look for the top of the building.

Even with these additions, the building still wasn’t finished. However, with brand-new garage doors and a metal roof, it’s well on its way. If your building could use new doors or an updated roof, please let Gateway FS Construction Services know. Give us a call at 866-551-3454, and let our specialists help you find exactly what you are looking for. We look forward to providing you the best customer service experience.

Project Profile: Detached Garage & Storage Space

We all know the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” And while we at FS Construction Services appreciate that call for patience, we understand that proper planning of projects is vital. Our pole and post-frame building team takes great pride in working closely with customers on the design, development and scheduling of each job. Such was the case on a recent project when we helped one of our clients go from empty lot to fully-constructed building while meeting their needs, requirements and timing.

Weather-Protected Storage Buildings

After the concrete was poured, this new garage plus usable storage space took up a 24’ x 36’ x 10’ space. Not only spacious, however, this wood building was built to stand the test of time and the test of the elements. Covered in 26-gauge steel panels and built on a concrete stem wall, the structure also features two Raynor Showcase steel-backed insulated overhead doors and five Plyco insulated windows. This way, our client gets to enjoy a weather-protected building with the assurance that it will stay that way for a long time to come. Additionally, to provide the most function out of this structure, we installed 200-amp electric service and a 3’ overhang in front of the building with gutters.

While our team of experts, led by Tom Marcheski, worked quickly and efficiently to get the building completed, they were also careful to ensure this project, as with all our building projects, received the thorough, detailed craftsmanship. Thanks to our longtime partnership with Walters Buildings, our well-trained team knows the ins and outs of their structures and how to build them right.

If you are in the market for a new building, whether it’s residential, commercial, or agricultural, from the simplest design to highly customized projects, please let Gateway FS Construction Services know. Give us a call at 866-551-3454, and let our specialists help you find exactly what you are looking for. We look forward to providing you the best customer service experience.

Overhead Door – ThermaSection Replacements

Ever have the fear as a business owner that you may have to replace an entire commercial sectional door when a just section is damaged? Luckily that doesn’t have to be the case. Raynor’s ThermaSection replacements can be the fix, without the cost, and FS Construction Services can supply and provide the service.


Here are just some of the notable features:

  • ThermaSection replacements are available is a range of sizes and, while primarily work with Overhead and Clopay models, are a great fit with competitive models as well.
  • Face appearance is a near perfect match in color and texture.
  • ThermaSection replacements can be cut to exact lengths and easily fitted.

FS Construction Services finds that many business owners have trouble matching their replacement sections. Without a proper fitting and replacement, you may find an improper functioning door and increase your chances for an entire door replacement.

If you’ve been putting off a fix because you assumed an entire door replacement was in order, contact us to come out for a site visit to determine your best ThermaSection replacement. Turnaround time is quick, which means we’ll keep your doors open and business up and running.

Call us today at 866.551.3454 for more information. We look forward to discussing your options.

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