Too often, in our opinion, concrete work gets overlooked. Brushed aside as purely structural or only utilitarian. And while it is true that concrete is usually fundamental and not flashy, its importance cannot be overstated, and finding the right place to get your concrete and flatwork done right is a must.

At FS Construction, we believe in a “from the ground up” approach, which means that, for us, no detail is too small and no part of any job is ever unimportant. From something as simple as sidewalk, patio, or driveway repairs, to the floor of a pole barn or a brand-new pool deck, we bring the same work philosophy into our concrete work as we do every other job we approach.
Our concrete work also extends to the world of agriculture and grain systems. With FS Construction Services, you can be sure that a new concrete pad is as high quality and well installed as the brand-new grain bin standing above it.

Of course, concrete can be much more than a basic tool. We also offer concrete stamping, coloring, and design. Concrete stamping is less expensive than laying brick or stone pavers, but it can provide the same pleasing, attractive look to really tie your patio, walkway, or deck together.

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Our concrete and flatwork services begin with the most basic and everyday concrete needs. If you are looking for a new back patio, a deck around your pool, or a new sidewalk or driveway to make coming and going much easier, when it comes to outdoor concrete work, we do it all. Additionally, we can lay the flooring for new and old pole barns and metal buildings, whether you want an unfinished floor to lay carpet over, or a beautiful, shiny finished look. On top of that, we can provide repairs to existing concrete and we even treat new or old concrete with protective coating so it can stand up to years and years of weathering and use.

Grain Systems

The floor of your grain system is more than just a floor. An uneven floor can make your grain sweep less efficient and prevent uniform grain drying. Cracks in the concrete can cause a loss of grain or even allow unwanted moisture into your grain bin. When you’re building a new grain system or having an old system repaired, make sure that the concrete floor doesn’t let you down. The certified professionals at FS Construction Services are able to install a new floor for your grain bin or concrete pads for your drying systems, elevators, conveyors, transfer systems, electrical systems, fans, and more.

Artistic Specialty

ArtisanSometimes your concrete just needs a little something extra. Whether it’s a color or a design, the right accent to your concrete can dramatically increase your home or business’s curb appeal. Concrete stamping is an inexpensive way to add texture and design to an otherwise flat concrete space. Often this is seen around pools and on walkways, but can applied to any concrete surface. We provide a variety of designs and colors so you can customize your concrete any way you like.