FS Construction Services grain bin project in winter

Winter Grain Bin Project

This past winter, our team took advantage of the warm, dry days and built a 36 ft. diameter, 7-ring tall grain bin with a capacity of 21,000 bushels. They also installed exterior stairs, a horizontal power sweep, and a centrifugal fan.


Warm Winter Helped Grain Bin Project


Grain bin preseason building FS Construction Services

Grain Bin Built During Preseason

Earlier this year we took advantage of the dry weather and quickly constructed a 30’ diameter, 6-ring tall, grain bin. This structure had a capacity of 14,000 bushels and came with two down augers, a power sweep, and an exterior staircase.


Preseason Weather Allows for Grain Bin Building


FS Construction Services Additional Grain Storage

Return Customer Needed Additional Grain Storage

This project was finished just in time for the year’s harvest. We installed a 21’, 5-ring tall hopper bin with a 6,950 bushel capacity. We also added a fan for aeration and a twin hopper gate.


Planning Ahead for Additional Grain Storage


Grain system FS Construction Services

New Sukup Grain System

Last summer we built a 42’ diameter, 7-ring grain bin with a bushel capacity of 33,000. Additionally, we installed an axial fan, a roof vent, a power sweep, and exterior stairs.


Grain System Just What the Customer Needed


FS Construction Services grain storage systems solutions

Grain Storage System Solution

Recently we constructed a 36’ diameter, 6-ring tall grain storage bin with a capacity of 20,700 bushels. We also installed a 10hp centrifugal fan, a 10” vertical unload, and stairs around the outside of the bin for easy and safe roof access.

Simple Solution of New Grain Storage Bin


FS Construction Services grain storage

Simple Yet Effective Grain Storage

Recently we installed a 48’ diameter, 10-ring tall grain bin with a 60.900 bushel capacity. We installed a horizontal power sweep in the new bin but also installed some additions to attach it to an existing drying bin. We built stairs with a safety rail to connect the two units as well as a cross auger so the storage bin can be filled directly from the drying bin.


New Grain Storage for an Easy Fix


FS Construction Services doubles grain bin storage

Grain Storage Doubled

Last year we had the opportunity to double our client’s grain storage in a simple, straightforward way. We installed a 36’ diameter, 7-ring tall grain bin next to an existing bin and added stairs in between to connect them. We also installed two new fans for increased drying capabilities.

Building Second Grain Bin Easy Fix to Storage Issues


FS Construction Services grain bin

New 42’ Grain Bin for Growing Farm

Recently we had the opportunity to vastly expand an existing grain storage site by adding a 42’ diameter grain bin, a T20 dryer, and a 5” air system. Additionally, an existing bin was converted to wet storage and we added an auger with an optional bypass kit.

New Grain Bin Allows for Growth


FS Construction Services Grain bin project profile

New Grain Bin Gives Certainty Before Harvest

As harvest approached last fall, we installed this 36’ diameter, 7-ring tall Sukup grain bin with a 24,000 bushel capacity. We also added a horizontal power sweep, an axial fan and spreader, and a ladder with a safety cage.

Sukup Premier Provider of Grain Bins


FS Construction Services grain bin capacity storage

66,000 Bushel Capacity Just in Time

With harvest approaching last year, we constructed two 7-ring, 42’ grain storage bins. Each bin had a 33,000 bushel capacity with a power sweep, centrifugal fan, and an extra tall foundation for better horizontal unload access.

Increased Grain Bin Storage Right Before Harvest