FS Construction Services grain bin

New 42’ Grain Bin for Growing Farm

Recently we had the opportunity to vastly expand an existing grain storage site by adding a 42’ diameter grain bin, a T20 dryer, and a 5” air system. Additionally, an existing bin was converted to wet storage and we added an auger with an optional bypass kit.

New Grain Bin Allows for Growth


FS Construction Services Grain bin project profile

New Grain Bin Gives Certainty Before Harvest

As harvest approached last fall, we installed this 36’ diameter, 7-ring tall Sukup grain bin with a 24,000 bushel capacity. We also added a horizontal power sweep, an axial fan and spreader, and a ladder with a safety cage.

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FS Construction Services grain bin capacity storage

66,000 Bushel Capacity Just in Time

With harvest approaching last year, we constructed two 7-ring, 42’ grain storage bins. Each bin had a 33,000 bushel capacity with a power sweep, centrifugal fan, and an extra tall foundation for better horizontal unload access.

Increased Grain Bin Storage Right Before Harvest


Grain Storage for Harvest FS Construction Services

Fully Equipped Grain Storage

Last September, with harvest fast approaching, we built a 33’ 6-ring Sukup grain bin with a 15,000 bushel capacity. This bin was fully stocked with a 2-down auger, a Fastir Stirring Machine, an axial fan and heater, a spreader, and a power sweep.

Grain Storage for Harvest in a Pinch or a Long Term Plan


FS Construction Services grain bin addition for harvest

A Bin in Time for Harvest

Last September we worked with a client in need of a major upgrade before harvest really kicked off. We built a 50,000 bushel capacity, 15-ring tall Sukup grain bin complete with 10” power sweep, ceiling fan, roof auger, and outside stairs with a safety rail.


FSCS Sukup Grain Bin Addition


FS Contruction Services makes grain bin taller

Making a Grain Bin Taller

Last summer our team determined that the simplest solution to a problem was the best when they added three additional rings underneath an existing grain bin to increase its capacity. To account for the extra capacity, they also installed a new fan to increase airflow and grain stability.

Adding Height Makes Grain Bin Taller


FS Construction Services new grain bins

Two 42’ Grain Bins Just in Time for Harvest

Last August we constructed a 42’ diameter 8-ring storage bin with a bushel capacity of 37,500 and a 42’ diameter 6-ring drying bin with a bushel capacity of 24,500 just in time for harvest. These bins featured power sweeps, fans, a spreader, a heater, and stairs between them.


FS Construction Services builds two new grain bins

FS Construction Services new grain system family farm

A Little Help for a Multi-Generational Farm

We recently had the opportunity to build a new grain bin for a multi-generational farm. This 18,000-bushel bin was 36’ in diameter and 6 rings tall. Additionally, the 28” axial fan, heater, and power sweep make it an efficient drying machine.

New Grain System helps ensure future of family farm

FS Construction Services grain systems rearranging

Rearranging a Farm

Recently we installed a new 42’ tall, 7-ring grain bin for a client. This bin included two 10hp fans, stairs, and an unload. However, we didn’t just stop there, we also moved two 24’ tall grain bins and added additional rings. We built a new set of stairs between them and added new floors and an unload.

Grain Storage Systems for Future Farmers

New Grain Systems for the Next Generation

Last summer, we had the chance to help this client out with some upgrades to his grain storage. We outfitted an older system with a 30’ Shivvers drying system, featuring two Blue Flame Fan and Heater combinations, and able to dry up to 10,000 bushels per day. Then we built a 42’ tall grain bin with a 34,000 bushel capacity to act as a cooling bin for whenever the client may need it.