Gateway FS can supply any electric motor products from the Baldor Motors, Marathon Electric Motors and Leeson Motors catalogs. Below is a list of the commonly stocked electric motors at Gateway FS. Please contact us for ordering details.

Product Name Sku
Baldor FDL3514M Chore Motor 1.5HP 1PH 20046
Baldor FDL3504M Chore Motor 1/2HP 1PH 20018
Baldor FDL3510M Chore Motor 1HP 1PH 20051
Baldor FDL3516TM Chore Motor 2HP 1PH 20048
Baldor FDL3610TM Chore Motor 3HP 1PH 21418
Baldor FDL3507M Chore Motor 3/4HP 1PH 20020
Baldor FDL3612TM Chore Motor 5HP 1PH 20050
Baldor M3615T Chore Motor 5HP 3PH 20043
Baldor FDL3732M Chore Motor 7.5HP 1PH 20052
Baldor GSL3509M Down Auger Motor Replacement 994123
Baldor UCL1015 Fan Motor 10-15 1PH 994103
Baldor UCM1014 Fan Motor 10-15 3PH 994107
Baldor UCL345 Fan Motor 3-4.5HP 1PH 994105
Baldor UCL570 Fan Motor 5-7.5HP 1PH 994100
Baldor UCL710 Fan Motor 7.5-10HP 1PH 994101
Baldor M3714T Chore Motor 10HP 3PH 904197
Baldor M3558T Chore Motor 2HP 3PH 998822
Baldor M3611T Chore Motor 3HP 3Ph 20042
Baldor M3710T Chore Motor 7.5HP 3PH 20044
A.O. Smith K302 10HP 1PH Chore Motor 989027
A.O. Smith N330 10HP 3PH Chore Motor 989028