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Grain Drying System

What do you do when you notice a variance in moisture in your crop? Whether it is over drying or under drying, you need a solution that delivers consistency and efficiency. That is exactly what this customer presented to us. After conversations about the issue and a thorough evaluation, the solution was quickly identified. This particular project required an upgrade from a 12’ to a three phase 20’ GSI 1120 Continuous Flow Dryer. Delivery, installation and bringing the unit online were quick and easy. The FS Construction team was able to provide the right solution and deliver it on time and on budget – just the way we like it.

This is just one of a variety of grain storage and handling systems we can provide for you. At FS Construction Services, we are here to provide the solutions you need and in the fastest possible way. For more information regarding grain storage and handling systems, please do not hesitate to contact us at 866-551-3454. We look forward to providing you with the best customer service experience.