Boomer’s Corner – Ceiling Paint

Old man winter is knocking at the door, which means most of us will be spending a lot more time indoors. While spending all this time indoors, whether it’s eating, relaxing or talking with friends and family, you may start noticing a yellow looking ceiling. I have a great and quality product for you incase this occurs in your home.

Ceiling White Paint is an incredible white paint with the best features of premium quality, fast drying paint that flows on smoothly and evenly and covers in just one coat without spattering! Its attractive matte flat finish provides an elegant finish that is non-yellowing and durable. The best part is that it’s safe for children’s rooms as well. You can use this product on previously painted and primed plaster, wallboard, drywall and acoustical tile.


Surface preparation is also very important to a great looking paint job. Be sure to clean and dry the surface thoroughly, removing all dirt, dust, grease and wax. Scrape off loose paint and wallpaper. Remove glue, shellac and sizing. Plaster cracks and spot prime. Dull the glossy surfaces with a gloss remover or sandpaper. Remove chalky residue and prime unpainted plaster and wallboard with a latex wall primer. Finally, use a stain blocking primer to seal water spots and smoking.

The next step is coverage of this paint. When you read on any paint product it typically covers 400 square feet. In a perfect world of painting this might work. It’s best to look at your surface first and if the surface is very rough, you’ll use more paint product than you would on a smooth surface. I, as a paint specialist, always figure my interior jobs at 300 to 325 per square feet a gallon. There’s nothing wrong with getting a little bit more than needed and taking unopened product back than being halfway though your job and run out.

The best thing about my Ceiling Paint is that it dries to the touch in just 30 minutes. For best results, allow product to dry for four hours before recoating. If you have additional questions about the product and process, contact Gateway FS Paint Department and we’ll take care of your ceiling. For a project quote on any outside or inside painting for the new year, call me, Brian Garleb, at 618.972.9516 or email me at