Boomer’s Corner – Extension Poles

There are endless advantages to rolling when using an extension pole. The most important advantage is that they allow you to get the job done faster by being able to reach higher without wasting time. Extension poles allow two-hand control on your roller while you’re painting inside or outside the house. Plus, there’s nothing better than stepping back from the job you’re doing to see exactly what you’re covering.



Accidental falls from ladders happen at an alarming rate. Using a pole reduces your chances of getting hurt while working on a project. There are many types of poles for many types of jobs. A 1-to-3-foot pole is excellent for closets, hallways or other tight areas. In addition, you can have the length without hitting the opposite wall. They also work exceptionally well for heavy furniture that’s difficult to move. The next pole is 2-4 feet, which is a really good size for interior walls that are 8-feet high. This size is perfect because you won’t have to stand on a ladder and it’s easier to carry when the pole is collapsed to only 2 feet.

For painting ceilings, the 4-to-8-foot poles make it easier to reach over covered furniture. And the last poles are 6-to-12 or 8-to-16 feet. These poles are great for high interior walls and exteriors. You can use a brush and tool holder with the pole or cut in the trim and corners and then reach the rest safely from the ground.

When selecting an extension pole, be sure to look for the following features:

-Large diameter composite handle

-Non-slip rubber grip

-Anodized aluminum or composite slider

-Positive locking mechanisms

-Rugged die-case metal threads

-Quick tool-changing feature for rollers and other tools

I hope this will help you paint a little safer this year! If you’d like to get a bid on a paint project, feel free to give me a call. Ask for Brian “Boomer” Garleb at 618-282-3454 or try me on my cell at 618-972-9516. I’d be happy to look at your building and give you any recommendations.