Last Minute Harvest Preps

It’s September, which means fall harvest is here!  If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to evaluate your current grain drying system to ensure it’s up to par. Making sure all necessary equipment is updated, working properly and running at the best is crucial for maximizing your crop this fall.

In order to successfully prep your system, you’ll want to carefully examine and test your equipment well prior to harvest. Did you experience any mold or spoilage after last year’s harvest?  If so, that’s an indication that your drying system isn’t working properly or fast enough to dry the crop evenly.

Feel free to give us a call to check out these systems prior to harvest.  We’ll review your systems and address any specific challenges you may have faced last year with high-moisture crops. In addition, we’ll be happy to discuss new systems to expand your storage and drying capacity.

Unlike last spring, we’ve had a good start to the growing season this year.  We’re crossing our fingers that it continues and you have the need for even more storage.  We encourage customers to plan now and be ready.  Whether it’s an auger, new parts, new additions or an entire grain system update, we’ll help you to find the best option to fit your grain system needs in time for harvest.

To ensure the best overall outcomes of your crop this fall, start inspecting your systems right now, it’s not too late! If you need additional assistance, contact FS Construction Services at 866-551-3454 to get in contact with our grain system specialists.