It’s Time to Prep for Wheat Harvest!

It’s already June, which means wheat harvest is just around the corner. Now is the perfect time to start prepping your storage facilities and making sure all of your equipment is geared up and ready to go. Your equipment should be updated, working properly and running at the best to help maximize your overall wheat count this summer.

Farmers should prepare first by performing routine maintenance on all systems while equipping and adjusting their combines. You’ll want to make sure that everything is prepped and running properly so you don’t run into any problems or issues during harvest. Test running your equipment prior to harvest is key to fixing any problems and eliminating the risk of breaking down in the middle of the job.

Another way to prep for wheat harvest is to make sure you check all your drying and storage facilities as well as your aeration systems and fans. Emptying, cleaning and removing traces of any previous crop in your bins is extremely important. If you experienced any mold or spoilage after last year’s harvest, that may be a good indication that your drying system isn’t working properly or fast enough to dry your crop evenly.

We encourage our customers to plan now and be ready. Whether it’s an auger, new parts, new additions or an entire grain system update, we’ll help you to find the best option to fit your grain system needs in time for wheat harvest.

To ensure the best overall outcomes of your crop this wheat harvest, start inspecting your systems right now! If you need additional assistance, contact FS Construction Services at 866-551-3454 to get in contact with our grain system specialists.