Walters Buildings’ Color Guide

What’s more exciting than planning a new building project? Seeing what it looks like before it’s built!

You’ll love the Walters Buildings’ online creative color guide that allows customers to mix and match potential colors of their new structure – whether it’s residential, equestrian, commercial or agricultural.

You even get the color detail down to the roofing, siding and trim. Honestly, it’s fun just exploring the color combinations offered by Walters Buildings.


If you’re in the planning stages of a new building, visit the Walters Buildings’ color guide and experiment with the color schemes for your very own structure. Even if you have no plans for a new building, we encourage you to try it out and experience it for future building purposes.

For more information and tips on building your new Walters Building, contact FS Construction Services today at 866-551-3454. We’re here to help you through the initial planning and entire building process.