Adding Character with Paint

We at Gateway FS Construction Services understand that all have unique nooks in our homes – underused rooms, cramped hallways, and one-dimensional appearing areas.  A lot of us also have large, shared spaces such as home offices, master bedrooms, and sunrooms.  Each of these areas, whether a problem space or a spacious room shared by the family, present their own set of decorating challenges.  Let’s talk about how Gateway FS Paint Services can help you can add a little character to these areas with paint.

Beginning with your hallways, choose light paint colors to make a compact hallway seem larger.  If you have a long hallway, using a darker shade of paint on the end wall will make that hallway appear shorter.  Darker shades on the ceilings and floors of oddly shaped hallways will create a more balanced appearance.  If nothing else, simply painting your hallway for the first time or adding a fresh coat will make it appear more cheery and welcoming.  As a distributor of Valspar paint, Gateway FS Paint Services can provide more than 1,000 paint colors and variations from which to choose.  

Choosing colors in large, shared rooms can be a daunting task yet is important to the overall character of the room.  Blues and greens are good colors to bring an outdoor and/or garden feel to a room, especially rooms used for rest and relaxation such as sunrooms.  Vivid colors such as yellows and oranges give a room a vibrant energy, making a room feel happy and pleasant.  Shared spaces should be painted with paints that are multifunctional and easy to keep clean.  The use of block colors can separate a specific area, such as a home office, from the rest of the home.  Painting shelves, built-in cabinets and similar areas a contracting color will add a creative dimension to the room. 

Paint can be a powerful tool in the overall character and feel of your home. For more details, see “The Paint Corner” in the August/September 2015 Gateway News or contact our Gateway FS Paint Services Specialist Brian Garleb at 618-972-9516 or

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