“Building You the Best Series” Part 2: Foundations

All quality buildings start with a quality foundation. Our customers depend on us to provide quality storage buildings, so along with our partner, Walters Buildings, we make providing quality foundations a top priority and have been doing so for over 50 years.

This article, part of our “Building You the Best” series, takes a closer look at foundations and how we ensure top-notch quality time after time. We are proud to provide our customers with secure, performance-tested foundations through our partnership with Walters Buildings. We ensure superior foundations through a high quality process, including:

  • Firm level foundation base established with 4 ft. deep holes and a 45# layer of dry concrete mix
  • Maximum column bearing resistance and uplift resistance allowed by #4×9” long reinforcement bar inserted through the column and embedded in the footing
  • Solid design strength for download and upload ensured with an additional 45# of dry cement placed around the base and rod
Strong Foundation

Also, we can construct your building’s foundation using regular concrete or Sakrete®, a ready-to-use mixture that meets ASTM Spec. C-387-56T and yields an impressive compressive strength of 3,500 psi.

Whether your needs are agricultural, commercial or suburban, FS Construction Services will work with you to deliver a structure that will be visually appealing, within budget, and built with the highest quality engineering specifications. What that means for you is a strong structure that is built to last.

Call us today at 866-551-3454 and let our specialists help design a unique structure to meet your needs. And keep a lookout for our next blog post in our “Building You the Best” series.