Fall Harvest Almost History

Combines have been rolling at a furious pace this last month throughout Illinois, including in Gateway FS Construction Services’ customers’ region in particular.  Lack of rain in many areas of the state sped up the crop-drying process, allowing farmers to begin and complete the harvest process much more quickly this year. 

As of the middle of October, in the state of Illinois, 71% of corn and bean harvest was complete, 18% ahead of the average pace for beans and 12% ahead for corn.  Almost half of each crop was harvested during just a brief two week timeframe of September 28 to October 12.


However, in Gateway FS Construction Services’ region, all harvest activities are even further ahead of schedule.  Corn is done, beans are almost done and approximately 30% of the fall tillage work is complete as well. 

Things continue to look good for local bean harvest and tillage work completion for the rest of October with predicted highs in the 60s and 70s with only periodic chances of rain.  Topsoil moisture ratings deteriorated for the four week period ending October from 23% to 38% short to very short.

Nationally, as of mid-October, only 42% of corn and 62% of beans have been harvested.  Yields appear to be varying widely, depending on rainfall.

With the local fall harvest wrapping up, it is a good time to remind you that we at Gateway FS Construction Services consider ourselves partners with our customers and are standing by to assist.  Whatever your construction needs, you can count on Gateway FS Construction Services.  Give us a call at 866-551-3454 and let our specialists work with you to meet your specific needs.  We look forward to providing you the best building experience.