FS Logo Celebrates 60th Anniversary


For Gateway FS, 2015 is much more than just a new year, but a celebration…a celebration of excellence, success, quality and customers. Our honored FS logo turns 60 this year and we’re more than excited to announce our company’s branding accomplishments and the 60 years of hard work and dedication along the way.

To celebrate this major milestone, FS will kick off the celebration this month and throughout the year look back on the early efforts that built the meaning of our brand. Not only does this call for a celebration throughout the company, but it also raises a wonderful opportunity to refresh and prominently display the FS logos on facilities and rolling stock.

For a little more background, it all began on July 18, 1955. As the directors, managers and the salesmen attended meetings in Springfield and Decatur, IL, the logo was officially unveiled and was an instant success. After the logo was launched, the August 1955 edition of Pacemaker ran a feature story predicting “FS will be recognized from the end of the state to the other.”

The founders proudly stated what they wanted their valued logo to stand for, “the bright heritage that is ours – a history of success, service, integrity, high quality products – everything that has earned the respect and support of Illinois Farmers, everything that has come to mean “us,” as an organization and as individuals serving farm people.”

As of today, the FS brand has expanded much farther than Illinois and while it continues to focus and serve farmers and agriculture, it has also expanded into residential, commercial and industrial markets. From day one and continues today, FS will and always will be known for its service, integrity and quality. For 60 years now, FS has revealed new techniques to help customers optimize operations and ensure they are fully equipped and prepared for what’s next and that is definitely worth celebrating!