Gas Supplier: Another Role of FS Construction Services

Did you know that one of the many services that your FS Construction Services provides is that of supplying gases to farmers in rural areas?  In fact, we not only supply gases to farmers, but to business professionals in manufacturing, healthcare and other industries.  Much like we partner with Walters Buildings for our structures services, we partner with Praxair to provide gases to our customers, and we have done so for many years.   

As a supplier of gases, FS Construction Services and Praxair are teamed together to provide the best possible customer experience all the way from leasing to delivery to exchange/recycling.  Praxair is a world leader in welding and specialty gases, whether your needs are for specialty gases or the more commonly used gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide or nitrogen.  As a Praxair supplier, FS Construction Services has instant access to whatever gas you need and eliminates the potential commotion of dealing with a middleman. 

Working with us to fulfill your gas needs can help you do more with less:  lower costs, less downtime, and increased productivity and flexibility.  We will work with you to understand your business goals to recommend the best gas for your needs, be it drip irrigation, blanketing, etc. 

Give us a call toll free at 866-551-3454 and let our specialists help you today to meet your welding and specialty gases.  And stay tuned for more blog posts on other services provided by FS Construction Services.