New Program Helps Explain Pesticide Use

Most, if not all, Gateway FS Construction Services customers have probably had to explain, or at least address, the use of pesticides in farming at some point in their careers.  Anti-pesticide sentiment, which has gained traction in recent years, is sometimes based on misconceptions and misinformation. 

In an attempt to clear up misconceptions, provide correct information, and educate the general public, a new program and corresponding website has recently been launched.  The new program, entitled Tell Me More, was developed by CropLife America to help farmers discuss and explain their use of pesticides and other crop protection measures.   

CropLife America is an association of companies that produce, sell and distribute most crop protection products used by farmers in the United States, including pesticides.  It is the hope of CropLife America that the Tell Me More program will help alleviate some of consumers’ fears about pesticide use and that the farmers, who are the best spokespeople for this issue, will use the program to tell their crop protection stories. 

For more information on the Tell Me More program, farmers are encouraged to go to its website which provides positive information about crop protection, including pesticides.  For example, without crop protection tools utilized by farmers, consumers’ food prices would be 40%-50% more than they are currently.

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