Potential Impact of El Nino This Fall

Many Gateway FS Construction Services’ partners are firing up their combines this month to begin the 2015 fall harvest season.  This comes after the wettest three-month period in the history of Illinois, with 19.69 inches of rainfall, or 7.88 inches above average.  This heavy rainfall, in addition to some storm damage and disease in some fields, is predicted to create a large variation in yield. 

With the continued possibility of a strong El Nino this fall, the rainy weather pattern could return, translating into a wetter and cooler October all through Illinois.  This means everything from fall crop harvest to winter wheat planting to fall fieldwork could be delayed throughout Illinois. 

While harvest, winter wheat, and tillage work may all be negatively impacted, there is no impact being predicted for first frost dates, according to EarthRisk Technologies.  The typical climatological first frost date of late-October for southern Illinois is expected to hold true for this fall.  Northern Illinois’ first frost date is usually mid-October. 


The USDA reported last month that it estimates Illinois will harvest 2 billion bushels of corn (average yield of 172 bushels per acre) and 534 million bushels of beans (average yield 53 bushels per acre).  This is down 28 bushels of corn and 3 bushels of beans from last year.  Overall, the USDA predicts a 4 percent drop in U.S. corn production compared to last year.

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