The Perfect Christmas Tree

Are you ready? This coming weekend, the second weekend before Christmas, is typically the biggest week for Christmas tree sales.  We know many customers of Gateway FS Construction Services’ customers will be out and about looking for that perfect Christmas tree.  We have some tips to help.


First of all, before heading out, look around your house and decide where you want to place your Christmas tree this year.  Measure the available width and height of the space available.  Be sure to choose a place away from fireplaces, heater, and other similar heat sources.  A dry Christmas tree is a fire hazard, something that nobody wants in their home.  Finally, take time to consider how many sides of the tree will be visible.  For example, will the tree be in a corner, against a wall, or in front of a window? 

Armed with the information above, you are now ready to go to the tree lot or tree farm and purchase your Christmas tree.  An important first tip is go during the day to get the best view of your potential tree.  Ask the personnel about the different types of trees they have on hand and, if you are at a retail lot, when the trees were cut.  Different varieties of trees will have differing branch stiffness, openness, fragrances, etc.  You may make a different decision based on some of this information.  It is also important to know when the trees were cut because, at retail lots, some Christmas trees are cut weeks before they arrive to be sold, thus cutting down on their time to remain fresh.  Purchasing your Christmas tree from a tree farm eliminates any freshness concerns.

Once you have purchased your tree, have it at home and are ready to place it in its assigned spot for the season, make a one inch cut at the base and place the tree in a sturdy Christmas tree stand.  Ensure the tree has enough water in its stand to at least cover its base in order to keep it as fresh as possible for as long as possible.  Now you are ready to decorate your tree and enjoy the season!

Whatever your building needs this holiday season, you can count on Gateway FS Construction Services to deliver.  Give us a call at 866-551-3454 and let us help.  We look forward to providing you the best building experience.