Considering A New Wood or Steel Building? Consider FS!

Considering a new building for your farm, business or storage needs and can’t decide on wood or steel? Both are durable, ­­­­cost effective and can easily accommodate your needs. At FS Construction Services, our experts offer a wide variety of planning, design and construction options and will help answer all your questions. Both structure types are strong, sturdy and can be particularly beneficial in providing much needed space for manufacturing, storage, offices and more. Here is a building solution we developed for a customer:

Recently constructed by FS Construction Services, this versatile wood building is built on a four-foot foundation wall. With a two-story office area, this structure has enough space to fit an airplane! Completely with a 20’ x 16’ steel-backed and insulated door on one end and a 14’ x 16’ steel-backed and insulated door on the other, this building allows for oversized loads to be easily brought in and exit the facility. The exact specifications for this building were: 80’x152’x18’ total building and, a 24’x27’ office space. This unique structure was custom designed and built to our clients demanding needs and the highest possible quality standards.   Basically, it delivered exactly what the client needed.

There are three major benefits of constructing a wood frame building with us:

1.    Flexibility – Wood or Steel. We’ll help identify the right solution for you.
2.    Custom Design – Our experts can help design a solution to fit your exact needs.
3.    Construction Experts – Let the FS Construction team put our experience to work for you.

If a new building is in your future, call FS Construction Services, and you will receive these ultimate benefits with absolutely no red tape. When working with us, you have the freedom to design and layout your building to your liking including our vast roofing and siding material and color options. At FS Construction Services, it is our priority to provide you with the best building construction, no questions asked.

This is just one of a variety of buildings we can deliver for you. At Gateway FS Construction Services, we are here to build you what you want, when you want it, all while keeping as much money as possible in your pocket and guaranteeing you the latest construction technology. For more information regarding wood building construction, please do not hesitate to contact us at 866-551-3454. We look forward to providing you with the best customer service experience.