Do You Really Need a Drop Cloth?

Anyone who has ever done any painting, and most of us have, will be able to relate to the following situation.  You are all ready to paint and have all of your supplies ready to go:  paint, paint pan, roller covers, brushes, ladder, etc.  And then you remember it:  the drop cloth.  Do you really need it?  You are not alone in your oversight of the drop cloth; often times it is either forgotten or even ignored during paint preparations.  The paint specialists at Gateway FS Construction Services recommend always using a drop cloth. 

Like most painters, you are probably aggravated by the tedious work of laying out the drop cloth and constantly readjusting it as your painting progresses around the room.  Most painters think that if they work slow and steady enough, they will be able to paint carefully enough and not make a mess.  However, even the experienced paint professionals at Gateway FS Construction Services make mistakes when painting and dripping is usually high on the list.  The tiniest of paint drops can be flung from your paint roller across the room and be undetected until it is difficult to remove. 

Fortunately, drop cloths are easy to find at any hardware store and come in a variety of materials and sizes.  Materials include paper, plastic and canvas.  Sizes are typically 4’ x 15’ for hallways and 9’ x 12’ for larger areas such as rooms.  The type of paint you are using will determine the type of material you need for your drop cloth and the size of your project will determine the size of your drop cloth.  Professional painters usually use canvas cloths because they are reusable and can easily absorb a variety of paint products.  The painting team at Gateway FS Construction Services typically recommends plastic drop cloths for most home projects using latex paint.  They do a good job of protecting your floor and furniture and are completely disposable when you are done. 

Whatever your painting project, the professional paint team at Gateway FS Construction Services can help.  Give us a call at 866-551-3454 and let us help.  We look forward to providing you the best painting experience.