Essential Steps in Selecting a Quality Post-Frame Builder: Part 2

Ensuring that you select a quality post-frame contractor may seem overwhelming at first, but Gateway FS Construction Services is here to help.  We are pleased to provide you, this second article of three articles, in a series that provides guidelines to make your decision easier to utilize Gateway FS Construction Services for your post-frame building needs. 

Last month we discussed how to be sure that the contractor has an established business in your area and has a good reputation for quality work, including a list of suggested specific questions.  This month we will review verification of licensing and memberships.

One of the most important things that needs to be done when researching contractors is to ensure that they are members of the National Frame Builders Association (NFBA).  Contact the NFBA to determine if your contractor is a member.  Membership in the NFBA means that a contractor is a professional that is dedicated to providing the highest standards of integrity, responsibility and honesty.  A NFBA membership should be a requirement for any contractor that you use.

Also critical is the verification of current licensure of not only the contractor but also the engineer that prepared the plans.  A structurally sound post-frame building requires a sound engineering design that has been prepared by a registered professional engineer.  Contact the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation or the Illinois Society of Professional Engineers for more information or to look up a license.

Finally, the state of Illinois as a whole does not regulate contractors.  Individual cities and municipalities handle licensing contractor businesses.  A must before hiring any contractor is to contact your local city’s building department to ensure that the contractor’s license is not revoked/suspended or they are accused of delivering subpar work.

Gateway FS Construction Services has been constructing highly-engineered, quality, post-frame buildings in Southern Illinois for more than 50 years.  Our work can be seen all across the countryside.  We are proud members of the NFBA, provide professionally engineered designs and are licensed to build in your area.  Gateway FS Construction Services, along with our partner, Walters Buildings, will meet or exceed all of your expectations with regards to constructing post-frame buildings. 

Whatever your post-frame building construction needs, the professional team at Gateway FS Construction Services can help.  Give us a call at 866-551-3454 today and talk to one of our experienced post-frame building construction service representatives.  We look forward to providing you the best customer service experience.  And stay tuned next month for part 3 of our series on selecting a quality post-frame builder.