Get the NEW xProxy “Vibe” Remote Monitoring Solution

Ever had that sinking feeling when you find out that a key pump, motor or dryer has unexpectedly shut down – and you have no idea just how long it sat that way until you noticed it? With the new xProxy Vibe from FS Construction Services, you will receive nearly instant notification on your smartphone if a key motor or pump unexpectedly shut down. This breakthrough technology removes worries caused by electrical outages or equipment malfunctions on mechanical devices vital to your farm’s success.

FS Construction Services now has access to limited quantities of the new xProxy Vibe Remote Monitoring System. Simply use the magnets on the back of the device to attach it to any motor or pump and it will call you if / when that device shuts down. It truly is as simple as that. Best of all, the xProxy Vibe requires no wires, no electricians, and no recharging. Simply download the app to your phone, enter in your unique serial number and you are 100% set up.

The xProxy Vibe senses the vibration of the device it is attached too. If there is a gap of 3 minutes when it senses no vibration, it sends an alert directly to your Smartphone. The best part is, once it contacts you, it will continue to search for vibrations again. When a vibration is detected from the device restarting again, the xProxy Vibe will wait 90 seconds and rearm itself. All with NO additional reset required from the customer.

FS Construction Services knows how vital it is for you to be able to multitask. This is why we are so excited to offer the new xProxy Vibe. This device literally allows you to be in multiple places and manage multiple farm processes at one time.

Do not be caught off-guard when your dryer motor, bin fan, auger, motor, pump or irrigation systems unexpectedly shut down. Contact the experts at FS Construction Services today and find out just how the xProxy Vibe can save you time, headaches and reduce or eliminate machinery downtime. Want to learn more? Click this link and see it in action before you buy.

You have always depended on Gateway FS Construction Services to provide you the very best solutions to your building, grain systems, overhead door and maintenance needs. Now you can count on us and the new xProxy Vibe to help keep your machines running or alerted if they are not. Let the experts at FS Construction Services help, give us a call at 866-551-3454. We look forward to providing you the best customer service experience.