Telling the Future

Who wouldn’t want to be able to tell the future?  At least in some instances, most of us wouldn’t mind having a peek at what lies ahead.  The team at Gateway FS Construction Services knows that many of our customers would at least like to have an idea of when the best days to work in the field are.  Fortunately, researchers at the University of Illinois have developed new models that improve the forecasting ability to determine which days will be good working field days and which will not.  This information will be especially useful to not only many of Gateway FS Construction Services’ farmer customers, but also crop insurers. 

Recent climate changes have impacted weather variability, making workable conditions harder to predict for crop systems.  Weather and soil workability predictions are important for the selection of harvest and planting dates, yield forecasts and risk determination.  Thanks to the University of Illinois researchers, farmer can now know, rather exactly, whether or not the soil is going to be workable on any particular day.  Based on more than 52 years of Illinois field workability and soil moisture data, one specific model eradicated prediction biases at the state level and substantially decreased them at the district level. 

 For example, previous models predicted favorable field working day conditions in April and May.  However, in recent years, April and May have been significantly wetter than average.  By integrating current climate predictions of warmer, wetter springs, researchers can make recommendations to farmers, risk managers and University of Illinois Extension offices that are even more relevant, timely and precise.

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