Value of Fully Engineered Buildings

Gateway FS Construction Services is committed to building you the best possible structure.  Whether you are interested in building a new barn, personal storage shed, horse stable, or business office, the professional staff at Gateway FS Construction Services ensures the highest possible quality with our fully engineered buildings.  From planning through completion, we will work with you to ensure your expectations are exceeded with every aspect of your new construction, including everything from type of your foundation to wall color.  However, of the utmost important to Gateway FS Construction Services is you and your safety.  This is not always the case with other construction companies.  

The fact that safety is not always a construction company’s priority was never more evident than it was after last month’s deadly tornadoes in the northern part of Texas.  After a series of tornadoes struck North Texas the day after Christmas, a damage survey team evaluated the tornadoes’ damage as part of the National Weather Service’s storm assessment process.  The engineers and meteorologists that make up this described what they found in North Texas as “rampant irresponsibleness” in the construction of homes, schools and other buildings. 

Many of the damaged buildings had walls that were not properly attached to their foundations or roofs, allowing the walls to easily fall with wind speeds of only 85-90 mph, a small tornadic speed.  Standard construction codes require that buildings have walls that are much more solidly attached and be able to withstand winds considerably higher.  The resulting damage was “horrific” and could have resulted in many more lives lost.  We at Gateway FS Construction Services believe that constructing buildings correctly and safely upfront saves dollars and, more importantly, lives, in the case of a natural disaster. 

Remember that, whatever your construction needs, you can count on the professional construction team at Gateway FS Construction Services to deliver a fully engineered building solution that is both reliable and safe.  Give us a call at 866-551-3454 and let us help.  We look forward to providing you the best and safest building experience.