Simple Tips for a Productive and Safe Harvest

Believe it or not, harvest season is already here. For many of our clients and many in our community this means weeks of high stress, little sleep, and hard work. At FS Construction Services we know a thing or two about working with a tight deadline. So in honor of your hard work, and in the interest of keeping you safe and productive during this busy time, here are some harvest-time suggestions and safety tips for your grain bins, dryers, and other equipment.

Large grain bins capable of storing thousands of bushels of crop and grain dryers that are able to quickly dry such huge amounts are a necessary part of agriculture. Unsurprisingly, proper safety and care taken in and around these incredibly helpful structures and equipment is a must for any successful harvest season. So here are a few things to bear in mind:

  • Never enter a grain bin without doing the following first: De-energize (turn off) and disconnect, lockout and tag, or block off all mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment that presents a danger, particularly grain-moving equipment” (OSHA). Grain is not a stable surface, and when it’s moving, pockets can develop that will cause grain to act like quicksand.
  • Never enter a grain bin without alerting others. Make sure the person inside the bin always has someone keeping tabs on them, as well as a safety harness or boatswains chair should they need assistance.
  • Grain dust is very flammable, so be sure to regularly clean surfaces, filters, and other areas where excessive dust may accumulate.
  • Be careful not to overfill bin with grain. Not only does this prevent ventilation, but it can put unnecessary stress on your structure.
  • Plan regular inspections. Make sure chains and bearings are properly lubricated, ladders are secure, safety shields are present, etc.
  • Getting the most out of your harvest requires evenly dried grain. Inefficient dryers increase grain waste with overdried and under-dried product. Be sure to view our grain drying page if you are looking to increase the efficiency of your drying, whether with an upgrade or a whole new system.

If you are interested in viewing more safety tips, you can do so here. Meanwhile, if you are looking for more grain bin and grain dryer suggestions and tips, our partner GSI has a helpful page here. Additionally, be sure to get as much rest as you can during this busy season. When you’re out in the field, be sure to pack protein and calorie-rich food to keep your energy up and combat the tiredness such a hectic time of year often brings.

We wish you a safe and successful harvest! As always, if you have any equipment questions throughout harvest let Gateway FS Construction Services know. With lots of grain system expertise, from grain drying to grain storage to grain handling and transfer, we have over 40 years of experience and are always happy to help. You can give us a call at 866-551-3454, and let our specialists help you find exactly what you are looking for. We look forward to providing you the best customer service experience.