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The Importance of Early Pest Management

At FS Construction Services, we know there are a lot of things that can go wrong during the process of grain storage. And while this may sound like a pessimistic way to begin, most issues that arise during the process of grain storage are preventable and treatable. This is perhaps no truer than when it comes to pest management.

Beetles, lesser grain borer, weevils, and moths are some of the most common pests that growers face and, left unattended, they can transform huge batches of grain into unusable waste. Insects are most attracted to high temperatures and high levels of humidity, which means that one of the most effective ways to combat pests is to make sure you have a well-aerated storage bin.

But it doesn’t take much for insects to come in, grow, and spread. In the world of insect control there are two options: protectant and curative. Like most things, the quicker you act, the better. Fewer insects are easier to manage and the less time they have to establish themselves the better. One of the main means of protecting grain is done by applying an insecticide after the grain is dried, since the heat of a commercial dryer will significantly reduce the insecticide’s power, and immediately before it enters storage.

After the grain has been loaded into storage, a top dressing, or surface treatment, of the grain can further be applied which will act as an additional protective barrier and help reduce insects that would come in through cracks, gaps, and other means. Well-established insect colonies will require additional, more powerful means to kill off.

In a perfect world, no one would ever have to use pesticides. Insects would simply not be interested in eating grain. But since this is not the case, it’s far better to stop as much of the problem that can be stopped as soon as possible. Quick action when it comes to pests means a healthier, more abundant product that has experienced the least amount of interference possible.

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