FS Construction Services grain bin

Project Profile: Customized 42’ Grain Bin

One of the benefits of being in the business as long as we have at FS Construction Services is that every client is different and no two jobs are exactly the same. We have built a lot of grain storage bins throughout the years and while there have been many jobs with similar details, there is always something just a little bit different, just a little bit unique, to make that job its very own. Sometimes we don’t do much more than put up a structure, and sometimes we are putting up that structure and filling it with every possible accessory available. From the littlest to the most, each job has its own requirements and we’re here to help our clients find exactly the right pieces to make their set up work.

Recently, we got to build a 42’ tall, 10-ring grain bin with a capacity of 47,000 bushels. But in order for it to perform exactly the way our client needed it to, we installed a specific set of accessories to guarantee a satisfied customer. One of the benefits of working with our friends at Sukup is that we’ve been partners for so long, we have a good idea of how their products go together to get the best results. For this project, we installed dual centrifugal 20hp fans for enhanced drying capabilities, a double run conveyor for filling with a shorter auger, a power sweep, a gravity spreader, a 3-phase drive, and stairs wrapping around the outside of the bin for safety.

Delivered on schedule and on budget, our client had exactly what they would need going forward for continued success. While it may not have been anything extravagant and may even look like some of our other jobs it was the exact right pieces for this job.

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