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Project Profile: Seed Treatment Has Never Been Easier

At FS Construction Services, we get to do a lot of different types of projects and, naturally, work with a lot of old and new equipment and technology. And while retrofitting, upgrading, or completely overhauling old seed treatment equipment certainly has its ups and downs, especially when it comes to teaching and learning new technology, it’s also a lot of fun.

Such was the case earlier this year when we got to work with a client on a complete seed treatment facility upgrade. Over the course of three days, we updated an existing box-to-box system to a full service binsite. We added four 3000 unit Meridian bins as well as a 300 unit weigh hopper which can continuously treat from boxes, bags, or bulk seed bins.

In addition to that, we got to install the new 4.0 binsite window base automation. This new technology allows for navigation of the entire site from a single screen. We understand that it’s common for these sorts of things to come with steep learning curves, which is why we have worked hard to make sure our experts are as well prepared as they can possibly be. Our Seed Treating Solutions Specialist stayed on site to provide extensive user training and support for this new system. We worked with this client from the conception phase, answering any questions they had, and advising them on the right kind of equipment to ensure they were getting exactly what they needed and knew how to use it.

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