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Seed Treatment Services Series #2 of 3: Benefits of Seed Treatment

For the first few months of this new year, FS Construction Services is going to take a look at one of our most popular services, Seed Treatment, and highlight a different aspect of that service each month. For this second month, we are going to cover some of the unique benefits of seed treatment.

Seed treatment is the quickly growing practice of treating seeds with specific compounds to achieve specific outcomes before they are planted. The purpose of this could be to protect the seeds from pests or to simply provide additional nutrients directly to the seed. With the continued advancement of seed treating technology, it’s possible to treat massive quantities of seed with precise applications that stay consistent from batch to batch, making it a much more achievable process than ever before. For many growers, the benefit-to-cost ratio sways greatly towards benefit!

As you can imagine, seeds that aren’t busy fighting insects or rot are much more likely to grow into healthy, bountiful plants. This is particularly true of seeds planted in colder, damper soil, where rot and pest problems are more likely to occur. However, the application process itself provides benefit beyond just overarching protection. Specific seed-by-seed treatment is far more efficient and effective than soil treatment, where basic erosion can decrease the amount of treatment that actually reaches the seed.

We at FS Construction Services are uniquely qualified to help you decide what kind of seed treatment services you may need. Along with our partners at USC and Meridian, we have the seed treatment knowledge necessary to help you determine the best seed treatment solution for you.

If you are interested in learning more about seed treatment or you would like to look at our seed systems, please let Gateway FS Construction Services know. Give us a call at 866-551-3454, and let our specialists help you find exactly what you are looking for. We look forward to providing you the best customer service experience.