Economic benefits of proper grain storage

The Huge Economic Benefits of Proper Grain Storage

One of our most frequent jobs here at FS Construction Services is the planning and construction of new grain storage bins. So while it stands to reason that we obviously believe they provide value, we thought it might be helpful to reinforce just how many economic benefits proper grain storage provides.

Because grain market prices are often lowest during harvest, most growers understandably hold on to their grain for a little while until prices rise. Unfortunately, grain can’t simply be dumped and forgotten until it’s needed again. The better the grain is stored, the less likely it is to be spoiled or ravaged by pests. According to an article in Illinois Ag News, improperly stored grain can cost farmers up to 20% of their yield. The alarming, though perhaps not surprising reality, is that it doesn’t take much to significantly alter the quality of the grain being stored. Dry corn, which is defined as having 13% or less moisture, can be stored up to a year at 30˚F. However, just four days at 26% moisture and 60˚F can cut that corn’s storage life in half.

An old or poorly maintained storage bin is not only at risk of letting in too much moisture, but also harmful pests that can ruin your stored harvest. On the flip side, properly built, maintained and operationally efficient bulk grain storage can provide: lower labor/operating costs, less waste, better fumigation, and longer storage times.

So while high quality grain storage and handling systems do have an upfront investment for the grower, the benefits will be recognized, year after year, with good grain that can wait for the ideal market price to come around.

Once such instance occurred recently when our team of grain storage professionals installed a new Shivvers Remote LINK Grain Management System. With a simple login from his smartphone, our customer was able to manage his drying operation remotely and track the system’s performance. Advantages like this and many other are making it more profitable than ever for growers to maximize the return on their harvest.

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