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Tips for Effective Grain Handling and Care

The team at FS Construction Services knows our customers understand the importance of proper grain collection and storage. Grain is sensitive, even delicate, and care must be taken to ensure its quality. It’s obvious that pests and diseases are harmful to grain, which is why it’s so important for equipment and storage systems to be cleaned and sealed. However, according to Illinois Ag News, even grain that’s been run through a “clean and properly adjusted combine can also be run through a grain cleaner to further remove fine materials on which insects can feed.” Research shows that a cleaner will improve the overall quality of your grain.

Generally, clean, dry grain requires less management overall. Harmful insects and mildew enjoy damp places, and when grain is stored without first being cleaned of all the extra fine material, it’s harder for air to move through the batch, allowing damp, moldy pockets to form. Additionally, it’s recommended to use a grain distributor, preventing fine material buildup. Without a distributor, the fine material can collect in the center of the grain mass, which, as you can imagine, creates poor aeration and moisture buildup.

The good news is that with a little extra work, you can avoid mold, rot, and pest damage to your grain.

  • Slow-drying grain reduces the amount of stress and damage on your kernels. Unbroken kernels clean better and sell better.
  • Similarly, operating grain handling equipment at lower speeds (and at capacity) will prevent unnecessary damage.
  • Handle grain as efficiently as possible. Each new step adds another opportunity for damage or contamination. Avoiding unnecessary grain handling will not only save time but might also save your batch.

It may seem easier to cut corners in the moment but treating grain with care can net long-lasting benefits and profits down the road.

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