FS Construction Services grain systems

Good Grain Means Good Care and Good Equipment

At FS Construction Services, we know that grain has to be taken care of. A small pocket of bad grain in storage can spread and have disastrous ramifications. When grain is stored before it’s completely cleaned and dried it can mold and rot, and damp grain is an open invitation for harmful insects.

When it comes to storing grain there are lots of things that can go wrong at any point in time during the process. Outdated or improperly working equipment can damage grain or fail to clean it or dry it properly, causing widespread loss and low-quality product.

There are a number of practical things that can be done to ensure your grain quality. Slow drying grain limits stress, running handling equipment at low speeds prevents unnecessary damage, and avoiding unnecessary steps means fewer overall opportunities for things to go wrong.

And while these things are crucial to keep in mind, it’s also true that the equipment used to handle that grain has to be up for the job. A good grain distributor will prevent fine material buildup. If material is allowed to collect on the grain mass, it creates moisture buildup and poor aeration. Keeping grain well stirred evens out the temperature and prevents pockets of heat and from building. A high-functioning grain dryer will keep unnecessary moisture from ruining whole batches.

At FS Construction Services, our many partner relationships guarantee that we’re able to help our clients find the right product for the right price. Our job isn’t to find the most expensive solution, but the solution that works best for you, whether that means something new, something updated, or something unique.

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