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Project Profile: The Benefits of Planning Ahead

Here at FS Construction Services we work hard to keep up on the newest trends and changes in technology and hardware in grain dryers. And as important as it is to stay current, it’s also true that when you’ve been around as long as we have, and seen as many types of projects as we’ve seen, you learn a thing or two. And sometimes what you learn is that just a little bit of forward thinking can go a really long way.

Benefits of Planning Ahead for a Grain Drying System

Two years ago we built a 20,000 bushel grain bin for a client, but planning ahead, we built it knowing the client would likely want to add a drying system sometime in the near future. That near future became the present this past summer when we were called in for the job. When our client was ready, we added a 12’ continuous flow Sukup grain dryer and a wet tank to be used for storage once drying is complete. In addition to building the actual structures, we completed all the necessary millwrighting needed to ensure grain can be transferred to and from the dryer.

Our grain systems specialist was on site to oversee the construction and make sure each system was set up exactly as it should be. In addition to construction oversight, our team also provided training for our client to guarantee they could jump right in to the brand new system without any hiccups or difficulties.

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