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Project Profile: Grain Bins Prepare Client for Future

At FS Construction Services we understand that each new project is different from the one before. Some projects require more problem solving, some require an extra level of finesse, and some just require a whole lot of space and a whole lot of size.

This was the case early last year when Grain Systems Specialist Nathan Koester led his team on a pretty massive undertaking. The job was to build not one, but two, 12-ring tall, 48’ Sukup grain bins, each with a 73,700 bushel capacity. These bins were built to share a staircase and are connected at the top for easy and safe roof access. In addition, each bin was outfitted with three, 15hp centrifugal fans as well as a 10” unloading Sweepway Power Sweep.

Ready for Agricultural Expansions

This wasn’t the end of the project though, because our client knows that at some point, they will want to keep growing their operation. In preparation for this, we helped the client start the site of this future expansion, including making a space for more electrical work, and helping them prep for 150,000 more bushel capacity and an eventual dryer with a receiving pit.

When all was said and done, our client gained two huge, fully-loaded grain bins. But they also got more than that. As these new structures help them continue the success they’ve already experienced, they have also gained the ability to keep expanding and keep growing in the near future.

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