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Project Profile: A Little Help for a Multi-Generational Farm

At FS Construction Services we understand that for most people, the work we do is made meaningful by those we get to do that work with and those we get to do that work for. That’s why we are so thankful we get to work so closely with those in our community. It always makes finding the value in that work easy. It’s even better when we get to help a client in a similar way.

New Grain System helps ensure future of family farm

Last summer, we had the pleasure of securing a multi-generational farm with some new resources to guarantee their tradition and their way of living could move into the future and their physical equipment would be as strong as the knowledge that was getting passed from father to son.

Nathan Koester and his team constructed a 36’ diameter, 6-ring tall Sukup grain bin. This storage bin came with an 18,000-bushel capacity and is primed for effective drying. It included a 28” axial fan and heater and an 8” unloading power sweep.

The fan, heater, and stir combination always proves over time to be both an efficient way to dry and an economic investment. This also prevents grain from getting wet patches or mildew, further protecting that investment from not providing its return.

With this new structure built, we were able to take care of our clients’ drying and storage needs, ensuring they can continue working and learning together without other limitations getting in the way.

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