FS Construction Services tips for harvest grain systems

5 Tips to Prepare for Harvest

We here at FS Construction Services hope you had a great summer, whether you stayed close to home or decided to travel. Since we are once again at the beginning of harvest, we thought we would take some time to discuss five helpful tips to best prepare for the upcoming harvest.


Time Again to Get Ready for Harvest


Clean Up

We know that large-scale cleaning jobs are no one’s favorite task, but sometimes they really do have to be done. Sweeping out and vacuuming any remaining grain from your bins so they are ready for new grain is a necessary step. We also recommend spraying your side walls with an insecticide to kill any remaining bugs or eggs that the sweeping didn’t clear out.

Check for Cracks

You will want to make sure there aren’t air gaps in your walls. Incoming cold or moist air can cause damage to your stored grain. Seal any cracks with caulk and check under the ceiling lip and for small cracks in the foundation. Any foundation crack over half an inch long may point to a larger structural problem, so you will want to inspect your foundation carefully.

Electrical System

Make sure all your switches, fans, spreaders, and other electronics are functioning as they should before it’s too late. If mice get into your bin, they can chew through wires, and that’s not something you want to find out late in the game. Additionally, birds are known for building nests in spreaders, so be on the lookout for birds’ nests.

Cooling Plan

Temperature control is one of the most important parts of the storing process. Having a plan to consistently, systematically even and cool your grain is crucial. Also keep a close watch on grain that was harvested early. Grain that stays longer in the field may have fewer bugs since they will have died if there was a freeze.

Be Ready

This may seem obvious, but keep a constant eye out for maturing fields. The timeline will change depending on weather and crop stress, so simply basing it off of the previous year won’t do.


We wish you a safe and productive harvest this year. If you have any grain system needs, please let Gateway FS Construction Services know. Give us a call at 866-551-3454, and let our specialists help you find exactly what you are looking for. We look forward to providing you the best customer service experience.