Gateway FS Construction Services Raynor MyQ garage door opener app

Did You Shut Your Garage Door?

We’ve all had the feeling before of being twenty minutes from home and suddenly being unable to remember if you remembered to shut the garage door. You run your leaving-the-house routine through your mind again and again to see if you can remember watching the door close, but no matter how hard you try you can’t quite be sure. Raynor MyQ garage door openers can help!

Control Your Garage Door with Raynor MyQ App

We’re sure you can imagine where we’re going next with this thought. Wouldn’t it be great if you could close your garage door from anywhere? Our partners at Raynor Garage Doors have introduced new technology that not only allows you to do that, but it lets you do some other pretty useful things too.

The Raynor MyQ garage door openers are WiFi-enabled openers that can be controlled through the MyQ phone app. So along with closing your door from your phone anywhere in the world, here are some other ways you can utilize these tools.


Video Monitoring

If you have the MyQ-enabled Sentinel opener, the included video camera will allow you to see who is coming and going when your garage door is opened or closed. Similar to a doorbell camera, this camera detects motion, even at night, and allows you to view what’s happening in real time, even allowing for real-time communication.

Extra Lighting

Raynor offers LED lights that can be separately mounted anywhere inside your garage and are controlled through the opener. So if need extra visibility, are searching for the source of a strange sound, or simply want the lights on when you know your hands will be full later, you can illuminate your garage with a simple button press.

Amazon In-Garage Deliveries

With this feature you can authorize Amazon to open your garage door for a secure package delivery. When your package is getting close to delivery, you will get a notification asking you to confirm your address. Then your door will open, allowing the delivery to be placed safely inside the garage. After a short time, the door closes with your package secure and dry inside.

Choose Your Closing and Lighting Time

This allows you to have your door automatically close at the time of your choosing any day of the week. Similarly, you can also choose a time for your garage lights to turn on or off.

Guest Use

With this feature you can invite up to three guests to control your MyQ connected doors and lights with their own MyQ app, making it great for guests, family, and friends.


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