FS Construction Services new building addition to existing building

Project Profile: Building Addition

When it comes to constructing a building that reaches its highest potential it’s necessary to have quality raw materials, solid construction, a good plan, and, perhaps surprisingly, a healthy dose of imagination. Sometimes the success of a building is in the littlest details, the clever additions, or the personal touches that make it feel less like “a building” and more like “my building.”

Building Addition to Existing Structure

At FS Construction Services, we have built enough structures to know that a specific approach, even to the most basic project, can make all the difference to a client.

This was the case late last year when we were asked to build an addition to an existing structure. While the interior of this project ended up with some unique features, we are going to focus on the exterior elements this month.

The first thing we had to do was match the 18’ x 46’ x 10’ 6” addition to the current building. The lean-to was posted onto a concrete slab and the exterior styling was matched with the original building, including the 18” overhangs all around.

This addition includes heated and cooled office space with lots of natural light as well as a garage for a wide range of storage needs. While we will get into it more next month, our team was able to include a number of unique features to provide our client with a space that not only serves their functional needs, but also feels like a space that is uniquely theirs.

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