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Project Profile: Grain Bin Built in Preseason

Last winter was a bit of an unusual one. We imagine there were probably many disappointed children (and many relieved parents) when the promise of sledding simply couldn’t be fulfilled because there wasn’t much snow. However, we like to look at the positives here at FS Construction Services, and one of the upsides of our relatively snow-less winter was that it ended up being a great time for easier preseason building and allowed clients to get further ahead of the curve.


Preseason Building of Grain Bin Storage


This was the case for one of our clients last January who was in need of some additional grain storage. Thanks to some cooperative weather, we were able to quickly complete construction on a 6-ring tall, 30’ in diameter storage bin. This Sukup grain bin has a capacity of 14,000 bushels and also included two down augers, an incline unload head with power sweep, and finally an exterior staircase for safe and convenient access. When all was said and done, the new structure was built and our client was able to begin the year with the comfort of knowing plenty of storage would be available when needed.

While we can’t always guarantee smooth and calm weather, we can certainly proclaim the benefits of preseason building. Of course, we know that time and circumstance doesn’t always allow, but if you can plan ahead and schedule your grain storage, drying, or handling needs, you will set yourself up for less worry and trouble down the road when time and circumstance may not be so generous.

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