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Steel Building Efficiency: How Efficient Are Steel Buildings?

It seems like everyday we are inundated with stories on new technologies, new ways to generate or conserve energy, and the never-ending stream of upsides and downsides involved. And while these are often fascinating and exciting ideas, there’s also truth that refining and customizing longstanding practices and materials can also be of tremendous benefit, such as steel building efficiency.


Steel Buildings are Energy Efficient


So let’s take a little time to talk about steel buildings. For all the virtues of a steel building, perhaps one of the lesser-mentioned benefits is their energy efficiency. This is achieved in a variety of ways, though perhaps none of them is more foundational than how steel itself fits together. A steel building can be constructed with minimal to no gaps, meaning fewer places for heat, or cold, to escape. Additionally, unlike wood, steel doesn’t settle or twist over time, meaning that if it’s built right, it will stay energy efficient for a long, long time.

Steel is also highly customizable and versatile. This allows for better ventilation and insulation options. Speaking of which, steel buildings often have thicker walls, meaning more space for insulation to fill. Steel buildings are capable of housing many windows and skylights, increasing light and warmth from sunlight. If done strategically, this can reduce the overall need for lighting and heating.

There are a number of other reasons we could go into, but we’ll leave with one final point. While every structure requires maintenance, steel buildings often require less. Generally you don’t have to worry about rot, mildew, or pests, also meaning you generally don’t have to worry about holes, cracks, and gaps where they’re not supposed to be.

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