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Employee Profile: Alicia Easter – Accounting and More

Last month we turned our employee profile focus towards Alicia Easter, Administrative Aide and all-around Jack of all trades at FS Construction Services. Alicia works closely with multiple teams within our office to provide assistance, oversight, accounting and customer service.


Accounting to Customer Service: Alicia Easter Does It All


While Alicia loves problem solving, answering questions, and making sure our customers’ expectations are being met, her behind-the-scenes work is equally integral to our success here. None of our work with our clients means much if we can’t keep an accurate account of everything. Thankfully, this is another area where Alicia provides help and expertise. Whether it’s general accounting work, working with manufacturers to secure the best prices, working with our sales team to make sure those prices transfer to our customers, or keeping track of the additional costs involved in each project (dumpsters, port-a-potties, etc.), Alicia helps keep us on track internally and externally. Additionally, Alicia oversees the billing for our paint team and helps with orders, inventory, and product exchanges.

While her schedule is certainly full, Alicia always has a good-natured and optimistic outlook on the work we do. “The job is really fulfilling. Knowing that we do a good job for our customers and taking care of those customers. We have a great team and we have each other’s backs.”

Similar to the customer-first approach we talked about last month, Alicia also carries a team-first approach. She works hard to uplift those around her and provide help wherever it’s needed. In her words, “Everybody is always open to helping everybody else.” It’s that kind of attitude that really makes Alicia, and all the members of our team, such a great group to be a part of.

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