FS Construction Services metal roof maintenance

Metal Roof Maintenance 101

If you’ve followed us here at FS Construction Services for any length of time, then you know that we love a good metal roof. Not only do they come in a number of attractive colors, but they have unmatched durability, last far longer than traditional roofs, and are relatively easy to maintain, which is great news if you have an aversion to ladders.

Roof Maintenance of Metal is Easiest

That being said, there is still some maintenance required if you own a metal roof, so we will talk here about what that requires. That way, you can decide if it’s going to be you or someone else going up on the roof.


Surface Maintenance

This is pretty self-explanatory, but you will want to do a quick pass over the roof to check for debris, stuck leaves, sticks, and branches. While you’re up there, you might as well take the time to clean out the gutters as well. Be sure to clean off any dirt or mildew with a gentle brush and water or detergent. Avoid abrasive brushes, power washers, and harsh chemicals. While metal roofs generally resist the erosion and deterioration shingle roofs experience, you will still want to make sure that the roof isn’t getting scraped by branches or in contact with any foreign materials (things like copper, brick, iron, and concrete can introduce elements into the metal that can corrode it over time).


Structural Maintenance

This type of maintenance is more involved, and usually requires a professional’s help. While metal roofs are strong, extreme wind, heat, or cold, hail, excessive rain, or regular temperature fluctuations can all take a toll over time. It’s generally a good idea to have your roof inspected every couple years for things like: broken or missing fasteners, rivets, or screws, loose or separated seams and flashing, or sealant that needs to be replaced. Additionally, if a large enough object falls hard enough and high enough, it can puncture the roof.


With these things in mind, hopefully you feel comfortable making the right maintenance decision and keeping your roof looking pristine for many more years to come.


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