FS Construction Services barndominium

Project Profile: Barndominium

At FS Construction Services we really do love a unique project. However, when you’ve been in the game as long as we have, you find that your tendency towards surprise diminishes somewhat as the years tick on. That’s why we were so excited when this project, lovingly called the  Barndominium, came our way.

You Need a Beautiful Barndominium

The idea was simple enough: tear down an existing structure, leave the basement, and build a luxury barndominium on top of it. What’s a barndominium? Well, stay tuned and you’ll find out.

The resulting building is an efficient 30’ x 40’ x 8’ and required the coordination of multiple companies and professionals to get across the finish line. The final product features seamless gutters and leaf-guards, a 3’ x 3’ cupola, an 8’ x 16’ x 8’ trimmed-out back porch, a 12’ x 24’ x 8’ trimmed-out front porch, custom bathroom and kitchen cabinets, cistern, septic, and plumbing systems, as well as amenities like a custom walk-in closet and a walk-in shower.

All said and done, this turnkey home packs a beautiful living space into a relatively small footprint. Attractive inside and out, this is one of the more exciting uses we’ve seen of existing property. To connect the old space with the new space, we constructed stairs and rails down into the basement, effectively merging the two living areas into one.

Not only was it a lot of fun to see this project come together, we had the opportunity to work alongside a number of other wonderful professionals and colleagues. It has been incredibly fulfilling to see all of that work and experience create something so unique and useful.

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