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Project Profile: Storage Building on Small Building Site

Of all the many projects we get to work on here at FS Construction Services, there really are few things as satisfying as watching an empty space transform into a brand-new building in just a couple short weeks. Fortunately, this is something we get to see pretty often, and it’s always exciting to see how each new building owner will choose to utilize their new space. This was the case last year when we had the opportunity to turn a relatively small building site on a moderately steep grade into a functional, beautiful storage space for our client.

Making the Best of a Small Building Site


Tom Marcheski and his team got to work quickly to get our client up and running with their new structure. The 30’ x 32’ x 10’ building was constructed on a 10” x 48” foundation wall due to the grade of the build site. The building itself features a 6” thick concrete floor, an 8’ x 17’ x 10’ recessed porch, 3’ color-matched wainscotting around the bottom of the building, and a 9’ x 8’ Raynor Aspen series steel-backed, insulated door with a Raynor Pilot 8’ 1/2hp chain drive operator. The building also features four windows, a charcoal gray metal roof, gutters, and an attractive red with white trim appearance.

The strong structure matched with the metal roof and the well-insulated door will allow this building to stand strong for many years to come and effectively keep safe and weather-proof whatever the owner chooses to store inside.

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