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Project Profile: Sukup Grain Bin Storage

We talk a lot about grain storage here at FS Construction Services. Keeping your grain protected and secure while you wait on the right time to sell seems like an easy enough idea to grasp in theory. But in practice, grain bin storage involves a high number of variables and requires a good structure and properly working equipment to ensure that the grain is at top quality when you need it most.

New Grain Bin Storage System


Over the years we have worked on countless grain bin sites adding new storage, updating equipment, helping farmers grow their capacity, and so on. The fact remains, no matter how big or how small a site is, there are some basic fundamentals that you can count on to give you the space and peace of mind you need for healthy grain.

This was the case recently when Nathan Koester and his team constructed a new grain system on the a client’s farm. The 42’ in diameter Sukup grain bin is 6-rings tall and has a capacity of 28,900 bushels. The bin also includes exterior stairs for safe roof access, a centrifugal fan to help with airflow and a powersweep.

While certainly not the largest site we’ve worked on, this job includes all of the basic fundamentals required for a successful operation. The new bin will provide our client with the space they need and the knowledge that their grain is secure, well treated, and ready for use at the ideal time.

If you are in need of adding more grain storage, or if you are in the market for grain drying or grain handling equipment, please let Gateway FS Construction Services know. Give us a call at 866-551-3454, and let our specialists help you find exactly what you are looking for. We look forward to providing you the best customer service experience.